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WTMJ’s Doug Russell begins his five-part series on the Milwaukee Bucks assistant coaches. Prior to Milwaukee leaving on their west coast road trip, and before head coach Jason Kidd took his leave of absence for hip surgery, Doug spent part of the afternoon in lead assistant Joe Prunty’s office at the team’s St. Francis training center.

Casual Bucks fans may not know much about Joe Prunty. After all, he never played past the community college level and never has been a head coach in the NBA. But Prunty now finds himself the acting coach of the Bucks while Jason Kidd recovers from hip surgery.

Kidd and Prunty go back to their days in Dallas when the now-head coach was coached by his now-fill-in.

But unlike other coaches on the Bucks bench, Prunty has run his own program at a high level; during his offseason, Prunty is the head coach of the British National Team.